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Brockville Memories: Blockhouse Island Edition

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It’s safe to finally say that the extended summer weather has finally come to an end now. It’s a hard realization for some that winter is coming, and the time change this past weekend was a reminder of the short days and long nights to follow. For a second, let’s look back on the warmer days, and reminisce of the memories made on those summer days. Local writer Craig W. Armstrong has looked back on some memories he’s made at Blockhouse Island, and has even won a writer’s prize sponsored by Rosedale, Recorder & Times, and Writer’s Ink for his stories!

Here’s a sneak peak of his writing titled “MEMORIES of BLOCKHOUSE ISLAND”

His Name is Oliver”

You can be certain that the first warm days of March will bring out the Blockhouse strollers…seniors escaping the winter confines of home, teenagers shedding their jeans for shorts and bare legs – much too early for many parents. Such was the day I met the young mother walking around the island with her son and daughter plus a black Labrador Retriever pup.

“That’s quite a dog,” I smiled and said, holding the dog by both paws as he jumped up on my waist to say ‘Hello.

“His name is Oliver,” said the boy. “Dad got him for us at Christmas at the shelter. This summer we’re taking him to Halifax to visit Grandma.”

Both kids got in the action and conversation as I continued to pat and play with Oliver.  Then I asked, “Would you sell me Oliver?” The boy quickly swung behind his mother’s leg, held on and sent me a defiant look mixed with fear.

The little girl stepped forward, grabbed Oliver and firmly stated, “Oliver’s not for sale.”

Now on that day I happened to have several bills in my wallet.  Taking them out so the children could see, I began to peel off a couple $50s, five or six $20s and when I was about halfway through flashing the $10s, the boy looked up to his mother and whispered, “We do need a car.”

To read Craig W. Armstrong’s full story, please click here.

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