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Experience the Outdoors in Brockville this Winter

Skate at Mac Johnson Wildlife Area in Brockville

The area surrounding Brockville is abundant in the summertime with hiking trail routes. When the ponds, lakes, and marsh areas freeze over, these trails become opportunities to pursue cross-country skiing, skating, and snowshoeing.

Mac Johnson Wildlife Area, located right at the north end of Brockville, features 11km of cross-country ski trails as well as a the home of a naturally formed, outdoor skating rink. Bring the family out for “Saturday Skates” and enjoy a hot chocolate at the skating shelter hosted by local volunteers.

The Triangle Ski club of Brockville operates 35km of picturesque trails at MacIntosh Mills suitable for beginners, intermediate and expert skiers.  Here you can also find 6km of dedicated snowshoe trails. Club members have access to a heated clubhouse, and day-users are welcome as well.

Family-friendly, fairly flat cross-country ski loops can be found in Maitland just behind the MERC Hall that vary in length from 3 to 7.5km. On site you will find a public, outdoor skating rink that is equipped with lights for nighttime skating.

More interested in tobogganing? Head to Laurier Hill in Brockville for a speedy tobogganing experience. The incline of the hill varies from one side to the other so it is suitable for young children and daredevils alike. Also on site is a public outdoor skating rink that is well maintained all Winter long with both free skate and pick-up hockey.