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The many ways how Spring has Sprung in the 1000 Islands

Seasonal weather has finally arrived, and spring has finally sprung in the 1000 Islands region! Other than temperatures above 10 degrees, there are many other ways that indicate a new season is upon us. Through photos found on Instagram taken by talented individuals, enjoy some lovely scenes of spring!

James R Miller Photo

Photo Credit: James R Miller












Cold nights spent inside by the fireplace have now been replaced. Pull up your lawn chairs, grab a blanket, and cozy up by the fire pit outdoors. Although it may not be a balmy summer night just yet, the refreshing spring air mixed with campfire smoke can end a wonderful day spent in the spring sun.


Photo Credit: @n.stepchuk












The ice has cleared, and the freighters have resumed their travels along the St. Lawrence River. Keep your eye out along Brockville’s waterfront to catch a glimpse of these massive ships pass through. Blockhouse Island is a favourite spot to take some pics!

Photo Credit: @jess.duke8

Photo Credit: @jess.duke8












While waiting for ships to pass on Blockhouse Island, don’t miss out on a photo op in the HUGE Adirondack/Muskoka chairs! We’re looking to come up with a #hashtag for these massive chairs to use on social media – so if you have any ideas send us an email at visitorinfo@brockvillechamber.com, or a PM on Facebook.


Photo Credit: @littlecitylights











Photo Credit: @basset_hound_beau













Spring means the Brockville Railway Tunnel has re-opened (Canada’s First!). The tunnel’s newest additions are street signs to indicate which streets you are passing under as you make your way through the tunnel, and the depth below street level! As well, there are new information signs throughout! Every one of all ages, even the furry ones, will enjoy a walk through this magnificent spot.


Photo Credit: @theaquatarium












In the animal kingdom, springtime means new life! At the Aquatarium in Brockville, two otter pups were recently born! At 8 weeks old, these little otters are growing fast, and you can watch them through at live feed at the Aquatarium’ s Lighthouse Theatre. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated, as they will soon be big enough to be in the pup exhibit!


Photo Credit: @techtutors.ca













As the snow melts in the warmer temperatures, garbage accumulated over the winter appears, so it’s the perfect time for a little “spring cleaning”. Thank you to everyone who participated in the various community clean ups last week, every bit helps! If you are interested in helping further, Downtown Brockville Clean-Up dates can be found here. Help us keep our city clean and beautiful 🙂

Enjoy spring and #explorebrockville!