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Brockville Gets Red, Hot and Blue for the Rockabilly Weekend

Fans of the 50’s have a lot to be excited for this weekend! The 4-day Red Hot and Blue Rockabilly weekend starts Thursday, August 31 and runs until September 3rd. This weekend will feature tons of different 50’s themed booths including an old clothes booth, a record booth, food, antiques and some booths run by our local community groups.

Tickets are needed to enter the main events but there are lots of free things to do, including a cycling scavenger hunt on Saturday September 2nd! All Hardy Park events are at no cost and are open to the public as well as live bands on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Check out the event schedule!

Weekend pass tickets are now sold out but you can still buy tickets to special events:

Friday night: Rock N Roll dance party : $20

Saturday Night: Prom Night : $20

Sunday night: Sunday night dinner : $25

Tickets are available on the Rockabilly website .

We got in touch with the festival organizer to learn more about the event:

Where and when does the festival start? The first event is a dinner anyone can attend at the Brockberry at 6pm on Thursday!

Where does the name “Red Hot and Blue”, come from? The name comes from the name of the first radio station to ever play an Elvis Presley song.

What do I need to know about the cycling scavenger hunt? The registration will take place before the hunt in the main tent at Hardy Park. The event starts at 9am on Saturday, September 2nd and will take you to 10 locations around downtown Brockville.

Can I buy a Red Hot and Blue T-shirt? Yes, they will be for sale in multiple locations!

Will any roads be closed for the event? Kincaid Street will be closed on Saturday and Sunday but all the main streets will stay open.

What if it rains? Every event goes rain or shine, so pack for the weather!