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Tips and Tricks: Skywood Eco Adventure Park

Skywood Eco Adventure Park Zip

Skywood Tips

After our recent visit to Skywood Eco Adventure Park (read the full post here), we brainstormed a list of tips to help you make the most of your adventure:

Book Ahead

Since it is such a new attraction, Skywood has multiple groups reserved for any given day. Booking ahead will ensure that your entire group can experience the attraction. You want to plan for around 3.5 hours in the park, with 2.5-3 hours of climbing time and a half an hour for harnessing up and orientation. It also helps to print off your waivers and have them filled out and signed before you get there. There can be around 30 other people checking in at the same time that you are, so to speed up processing it helps to have everything ready upon arrival.

Visit their website to book ahead. To book within 24 hours of attending, please call their base camp at 1-844-470-4947 or 613-923-5120

Bring a water bottle and workout clothes

Although Skywood is fun, it is definitely a work out. Dress accordingly in long, tight fitting workout clothes. This will help avoid clothes bunching under your harness and will keep any straps from rubbing against your skin. Once you are harnessed in, you can’t go back to your vehicle. Make sure to apply bug spray before getting into your harness, and grab anything from your car that you may need.

Do bring: lots of water. You can leave your water bottle at The Nest and take sips after each course (you may want to bring more than one bottle).
Don’t bring: a fancy water bottle you don’t want to leave in the open. You need your hands free on the courses so you can’t carry your water with you.
Do bring: something to put your car keys in. Bring the fanny pack back! I rocked mine to keep my car keys and cell phone in while climbing so I could snap a few photos. Or you can leave your keys at The Nest or use a carabiner to clip them on to your harness.
Don’t bring: an expensive camera. You are up high in the air and are sometimes squeezing between obstacles. You don’t want to be worried about expensive equipment or dropping something.
Do bring: shoes with a stiff, grippy sole, and gloves. A thick tread on your shoes will help give you stability on the obstacles. I wore flexible cross-trainers, but on some obstacles such as when stepping on a ‘U’ of rope, the rope would bend my shoe and pinch my foot a little. Not a deal breaker, but you may want to avoid any added discomfort so you can focus on balancing. Gloves help grip on certain obstacles, especially rope swings.

Trust the safety equipment

It may be daunting to be dangling high above the ground, it is much more fun and less scary if you trust your harness to keep you from falling or getting hurt should you misstep or lose your balance. During your initial orientation and safety training, guides will take you through the different types of safety attachments you will encounter throughout the course. One of the things you will have to do is lean outwards off of the tightrope until your harness fully supports your weight, and learn how to right yourself and get back onto the obstacle. This allows you to continue on to the courses with confidence in your equipment.

(The skateboard really isn’t that scary)

The obstacles had a range of difficulty levels, but the one that definitely intimidated us the most was the skateboard. Surprisingly, it was very sturdy and not nearly as unbalanced once you were on it. It does require a leap of faith to get onto it though! In the end, it was always an obstacle that didn’t look too challenging that ended up being the scariest. Trust yourself and you will get through them all.

Go at your own pace and don’t feel pressured to continue

Like everything in life, you have to move through the courses at your own comfort level. This is a workout that takes place on a teetering platform high above the ground, if you need to take a moment to catch your breath or calm jittery legs, feel free to do so. Don’t worry about trying to get through all 5 Adventure Courses in one go.

Choose a course buddy

Your time on the adventure courses will be more fun if you get to share your experience. Find someone in your group with the same skill and pace desires that you have. If you are afraid of heights and want to move a bit slower, find someone who wants to go slow with you, or who will at least wait for you! If you want to race through and make sure you get to try out all 5 courses, find someone as fast and fearless as yourself.

While we were allotted plenty of time to complete all 5 courses if we wished, we were taking our time and made sure to stick together as a group. Since we knew that we were there to experience the courses and do some team bonding, our goal was to have fun and try out as much as we could, but we weren’t racing through. By the time we got to the end of the intermediate course (the third one of the day), we would have had time to start one of the advanced courses, but we were starting to get tired and our legs were getting wobbly. We opted to stop for the day and spend the rest of our time seeing what else the park offered.

Do your research

Before you arrive at Skywood, make sure you do your research. Select the course that best suits your interest, skills, and age group. Do you want to be challenged on the obstacles? Check out the Adventure Courses. Prefer to zipline over long distances? Opt for the Zip Line Tour. To find out more about the different zipping options, check out the course descriptions on the Skywood website. Make reservations, know what your course will consist of, check the weather, and act accordingly. The park stays open rain or shine, so don’t be afraid to get a little wet. Check out the FAQs before you go.


Wednesday – Sunday 9am-4pm (last booking 2pm)


1278 Thousand Island Parkway (just east of Brown’s Bay on the north side of the road)
K0E 1R0

Contact for pricing and booking:

Call Base Camp at 1-844-470-4947 or 613-923-5120