Scuba Diving

World’s Best Fresh Water Scuba Diving

Brockville and the 1000 Islands region has gained critical acclaim as being the “World’s Best Fresh Water Scuba Diving” destination.

Part of the attraction to this site is the water clarity and that there is no thermocline. This unique and rewarding diving experience offers exploration of century old shipwrecks and artefacts that are scattered along the river bottom.

Shipwrecks nearby include the H.P. Bigelow, Lillie Parsons, John B. King, Robert Gaskin, Muscallonge, Fleur Marie and the Rothesay.

If you look at the 2016 Official Brockville & 1000 Islands Road Map, you may notice blue shipwreck icons scattered in the water on the river portion. You can match up ship wreck locations with the names of the ships here

Visit Brockville’s Underwater Sculpture Park

The Thousand Islands chapter of S.O.S. created the diving attraction, a short distance into the river from Centeen Park in Brockville. The design involves six standing human figures looking up, surrounded at an 18-foot radius by benches at each cardinal point. Two sturgeons point north at 35 feet out, a tribute to a species that was once plentiful in the river. More sculptures are intended for the outermost perimeter of the installation. The Sculpture Park is located just off of the Observation Pier at Centeen Park, this helpful map from Scubapedia gives some helpful information for diving in the park.

The 2014 season marks the start of a new dive permit system the S.O.S. group hopes will generate revenue to buy more sculptures in the future, and to improve the dive experience at Centeen Park. Under an arrangement with the city, land-based divers using Centeen Park will be charged $10 for a seasonal pass. S.O.S. firmly believe that facility improvements (above water & below) specifically designed for divers to improve the dive experience should be paid for by divers, not the taxpayer’s of Brockville.

—SOS 1000 Islands Chapter & the City of Brockville have created an annual diving token with the intent to charge a nominal user fee for diving activities at Centeen Park. This dive token also makes an excellent souvenir of your diving experience in Brockville, “Home of the Best Fresh Water Diving in the World!” 

The annual $10.00 fee is a small price to pay for unlimited access to this excellent diving resource. Seventy percent (70%) of the proceeds from the sale of these tokens will go directly to the city of Brockville solely to upgrade the facilities at Centeen Park to enhance the diver experience. Thirty percent (30%) of the proceeds from the sale of these tokens will go to SOS 1000 Islands to maintain, improve and expand the newly created Centeen Memorial Dive Park and underwater Sculpture Park. Centeen Park Dive Tokens can be purchased from a number of locations in Brockville including our office at 10 Market Street West and the local dive shops.