The City of Brockville is proud to be a World Designated Safe Community situated in the world famous 1000 Islands Tourism Region on the St. Lawrence River. Our city waterfront area offers many parks and walking paths for the enjoyment of residents and visitors to Brockville. People from all over the world have come to the city and remarked how beautiful and fortunate we are to have such a wonderful city and waterfront area.

In a community of 24,000 people, we are a city with a hometown atmosphere. The city offers lots of amenities found in larger suburban places without the chaos of traffic and waiting in lineups. The city works hard to maintain the heritage atmosphere found in the downtown area while keeping up on growth and competition throughout the other parts of the city.

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Travelling by Car

Brockville is centrally located in Eastern Ontario, Canada between two international bridges to the United States. 210 km west of Montreal, 110 km southwest of Ottawa, 340 km east of Metro Toronto and 22 km by highway from northern New York state, Brockville is well situated for your vacation getaway and easily accessed from major cities.

Highway 401 runs through town dividing the city into the historic Downtown core and the North End of Brockville. Brockville’s beautiful waterfront is just minutes from the 401, so be sure to take a tour of the whole city!

Just west Brockville, Highway 401 connects with Interstate 81 south in New York state and travels into the heartland of the United States.

Electric Charging Stations:

There are currently electric charging stations at Riverside Chevrolet (1240 Stewart Blvd Brockville, ON K6V 7H2), and inside the Aquatarium Indoor Parking Garage at the end of Broad Street at the Waterfront (Park N Charge at the Aquatarium is $3 an hour).

Funding for a new network of charging stations has recently been announced. All of the stations in Leeds and Grenville will use a 480-volt system known as direct current fast chargers.

Scenic Waterfront Route – Take the Thousand Islands Parkway

Between Brockville and Gananoque is a beautiful scenic road called the Thousand Islands Parkway that runs right alongside the St. Lawrence River. We recommend this drive to anyone passing through the area. It runs parallel to the 401 highway so it doesn’t add very much time to your drive, but it is definitely makes for a much nicer experience. Along the parkway you will find a number of lookout points where you can stop and take pictures of the river, and it will also take you past a number of hiking trailheads and and even a large beach area at Brown’s Bay.

In the off-season when the docks are out of the river and the 1000 Islands cruises are no longer running, this drive is the best way to see the 1000 Islands region.

From Brockville to Gananoque:

Stop by the Brockville & 1000 Islands Tourism Office at 10 Market Street West downtown before you go and our staff will outline the route on a Brockville road map for you

  • Drive West from Brockville along King Street in the downtown area
  • King Street turns into County Road 2 as you leave town
  • Stay on County Road 2 for approximately 8-10 minutes until you start to see signs for the 401 highway
  • Turn left onto Brockmere Cliff Drive (this is a small road found just before County Road 2 passes overtop of the 401)
  • Turn left onto the Thousand Islands Parkway when Brockmere Cliff Drive ends
  • Continue West along the Thousand Islands Parkway for approximately 30 minutes
  • Follow the road signs into Gananoque

The Thousand Islands Parkway can also be accessed driving west from Brockville via the 401 highway:

  • Drive West from Brockville along highway 401 for approximately 8 minutes
  • Follow signs for the Thousand Islands Parkway exit – the exit will be off of the 401 on the left side
  • Continue West along the Thousand Islands Parkway for approximately 30 minutes
  • Follow the road signs into Gananoque

From Gananoque to Brockville:

  • Drive East from Gananoque either starting from the 401 highway or from Highway 2 (King Street in town).
  • As you exit Gananoque, follow the roads signs directing you to the Thousand Islands Parkway
  • Continue East along the Thousand Islands Parkway for approximately 30 minutes
  • For the most scenic route, when you see signs to merge back onto the 401, instead watch for Brockmere Cliff Drive on your right hand side and turn right onto it.
  • When Brockmere Cliff Drive ends, turn right onto County Road 2
  • Continue on Country Road 2 until you enter the downtown historic core of Brockville (approximately 8-10 minutes)
Direct One Way Distances from Brockville
East of Brockville  Km  Mi
Approx. Drive Time
Prescott 20 12 20 minutes
Cardinal 40 25 30 minutes
Morrisburg 58 36 40 minutes
Cornwall 93 58 55 minutes
Montreal, Quebec 210 130 2 hours
Quebec City, Quebec 507 313 5 hours
West of Brockville  Km Mi
Approx. Drive Time
Rockport 21 13 20 minutes
Gananoque 50 31 30 minutes
Kingston 84 52 50 minutes
Toronto 340 211 3 hours
North of Brockville Km Mi Approx. Drive Time
Ottawa 110 68 1 hour
U.S.A.  Km Mi Approx. Drive Time
Watertown, NY 80 50 50 minutes
Syracuse, NY 210 130 2 hours
New York, NY 591 365 7 hours

Travelling by Train

Via Rail Canada has a station in downtown Brockville located at 141 Perth Street, K6V 5E4 (1 888-842-7245)

Brockville is serviced by trains departing from Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto.

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