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A Virtual Reality Experience at the Brockville Public Library

Today I interacted with an alien, a robot, was almost eaten by a T-Rex, AND went to a tropical paradise. Now you may ask, in what world could this possibly happen? And the answer to that is in the incredible world of virtual reality!

Originally, I was curious about VR, but did not know what it entailed or where I could experience it. When the Brockville Public Library extended an invitation to check out their VR preview, I jumped on the opportunity. I was quite excited to find out the library would be offering this latest technology to the public, and I definitely wanted to try it out for myself. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I can say I left the library amazed.

Your experience will begin with a few demos, in order to give you a feel of what you’ll be seeing though the headset, and how to operate your “hands”. After completing the various demos, the real exciting part happens… choosing an experience(s). There’s something for everyone, and plenty of options to choose from. I decided to play it safe for my first experience, so I chose to explore a tropical island paradise. I really felt like I was walking through the sand, making my way around the island. In that specific experience, you could turn your surroundings from day to sunset, plant flowers and trees, and teleport to various places on the island. For those of you who’d like something more thrilling, I hear the rollercoaster experience will get your heart racing!

With each experience, you will feel like you’re truly in another world, encountering everything first hand, including scenarios where you wouldn’t get to otherwise experience.  It is definitely something not to be missed, and I encourage you to give VR a shot! The best part is you can have these fun and exhilarating experiences in Brockville, thanks to the Brockville Public Library!

The Brockville Library will be offering VR sessions later on this week, with the official launch happening on Thursday, October 26th at 1pm.  

For more information on virtual reality at the Brockville Public Library, please click here.

By Alexandra Howard