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You Gotta Go Here: STINGERS


Vacant building to sports heaven, Stingers has seriously got it all (and even more soon!). From indoor paintball, to laser tag, to an indoor soccer turf, it’s a hot spot for locals and visitors across South Eastern Ontario. It’s easy to get active and get your adrenaline pumping, while also having fun! Discover Stingers through a few photos we captured during our visit! Afterwards, we bet you’ll want to check it out for yourself 😉

Indoor Paintball is where it all started for Stingers. The paintball area is massive, 16,000 sq feet to be exact! The field is full of bunkers, hideouts, old cars, and two storey buildings either end!

IMG_7930 IMG_7935


Maybe Airsoft or laser tag are up your alley! Stingers houses one of Canada’s largest indoor laser tag field (17,000 sq feet!) that will get your blood pumping. Heads up, the glow in the dark section is a little creepy (but the good kind)!

Whether you’re experienced in airsoft, or a newbie all are welcome to get in on the CQB (close quarter combat), action on the 17,000 sq foot field! 


Looking for a birthday party location? Look no further! The kids will have a blast with their buddies with paintball or laser tag, plus the parents can watch all the action happening – without being in the action!

IMG_7931 IMG_7928 IMG_7927

We can’t forget the indoor soccer field (with turf), batting cages, basketball court, ping ping tables, pool tables, badminton court, zorb soccer, and more that are available to use at Stingers!


There are some new features coming soon… we’re talking an indoor practice rink and two squash courts! Stay tuned for updates on these new features.


Plus, there’s no shortage of gear to purchase, including snacks and drinks to keep your energy up!

Questions? Give Stingers a call at 613-499-7864, check out their facebook page, and website.