Meet Brockville Tourism's Young Professionals

This week is Brockville Young Professionals Week! From May 12th to 18th, the city of Brockville will be recognizing the young professionals who make up the Brockville workforce and why it’s so important to make sure there is a healthy amount of young professionals in any workplace.

Half of the Brockville Tourism full time staff of four is made up of young professionals! They both recently started, so let’s meet the two new faces in Brockville Tourism.

Rebecca Bredin – Social Media Specialist

Hi! My name is Rebecca Bredin, and I’m the social media specialist at Brockville Tourism. It might sound like the most millennial job in the world, but this job is pretty important in the grand scheme of things! Social media is how over two thirds of people get their daily news. We want to make sure that Brockville’s tourism industry is part of that information being read by people. I compose blog posts and maintain all of our major social media platforms. I also have taken on projects that will help attract a new demographic of young professional tourists. I’ve returned to Brockville after living in Japan, South Korea, and Toronto for the last ten years, so I can see with experienced eyes now how special Brockville can be to urban dwellers. The farms, the water, the islands, the peaceful atmosphere – it’s a welcome break for those who live with long commutes over an hour dreaming about greener pastures!

I’m also convinced that Brockville is pretty Instagram friendly – this city is very easy on the eyes. Never forget, people in Toronto drove in flocks to go see a field of sunflowers over an hour away for the chance to get a perfect selfie. The perfect selfie can be taken in so many places in the 1000 Islands. I think we locals take it for granted! So invite your friends and family to Brockville for a weekend – tell them to do it for the ‘gram!

Alex Stobo – Tourism Specialist

I’m Alex Stobo – Brockville’s Tourism Specialist! What’s my job all about? Getting locals AND visitors connected with everything that’s awesome about Brockville. Growing up in Brockville I got great at “making my own fun” and now, I get to spend my days helping people find their fun!

I’m stoked to be back on the beautiful River St. Lawrence after seven years spent studying and working in Canada, the USA and Ireland. In the last year alone, I have taken in world class performances in England, finished countless pints in good Irish company, cozied up with Danish locals who taught me the meaning of Hygge, “chilled out” in Amsterdam after missing my flight home, and tasted some of the tastiest treats Belgium has to offer – yes, the chocolate is as good as expected.

As someone who has chosen to make a career out of exploring the world and leaving no stone unturned wherever I go, when I say there is so much to do here in Brockville, I really mean it. This is a beautiful city, with so much potential for young professionals to build thriving lives.

Feel free to reach out – I’m always down to connect & grab coffee!

Instagram @alexandrastobo
Facebook: Alex Stobo

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