Keeping it Ecofriendly at Brockville Tourism

Everywhere you look these days, people are making efforts to become more ecofriendly. One of the biggest initiatives in Canada right now is the Canadian government’s plan to ban single use plastics as early as 2021. The Brockville Tourism office wants to make sure you’re ready years in advance by bringing in goods that will help you reduce your carbon footprint!

Glass Jars and Bottles

Our glass mason jars are a nice way of enjoying an icy drink! Use them over and over again instead of plastic or styrofoam cups, and impress your guests wth the adorable Canadiana decorating each jar.

Cost: $4.79 each

These classic milk bottles will bring a sense of nostalgia to your home. With their nautical theme, they are sure to fit in perfect with any summer decor! Can’t you just imagine sitting back and drinking your favourite drink out of these ecofriendly bottles?

Cost: $4.79 each


Looking for something to keep your drinks cold (or hot) for hours? These insulated tumblers will probably last longer than you will! Coming in three different options – water bottle, coffee tumbler, and wine glass shapes – and different colours, these tumblers will last you for years! Forget ever needing to buy bottles of water again! Save money by using your coffee tumbler when you go to your local coffee shop! Never worry about your wine getting warm again! The perks just keep going on and on.

Water bottle: $21.99
Coffee tumbler: $21.99
Wine glass: $17.99

Stainless Steel Straws

These reusable straws are going to be flying off the shelves quickly. Coming in packs of 4 and 8, every pack comes with a cleaning brush so you can use these straws for ages to come. The price couldn’t be better too! Strike one more single use plastic off your worry list with these straws.

4 pack, bent straws: $4.99
8 pack, straight straws: $9.99

To find all of these goods, be sure to come by the Brockville Tourism office at 10 Market Street West, Brockville, Ontario! And don’t forget – the last Thursday of every month is Seniors Day! People ages +55 get 20% off regular priced merchandise (Not including food or tickets.)

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