Theatre Along the St Lawrence – Summer 2019

For those travelling throughout the St.Lawrence and 1000 Islands region this summer, there are many options for the theatre fan. Our region is filled with professional productions throughout the summer months, and there is something for every kind of fan.

Brockville Arts Centre

Let’s start by looking at our very on Brockville Arts Centre.  Built in 1858 as a town hall, market place and fire engine house originally, the Brockville Arts Centre is an excellent choice if you’re looking to take in a fun music experience. There are concerts happening throughout the summer, including the following:

Dreamer: The Supertramp Experience

Running from July 17-18, this Supertramp tribute show is well known for their near identical vocal similarity to Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies. Performing with an 8-piece band, this will be a true show complete with costume changes and film projection.

Green River Revival: A Tribute to CCR and John Fogery

If you find yourself in the mood to hear a little CCR, Green River Revival will definitely appeal to you! Running from July 31-August 1, this group has performed across all of North America, and are bringing their authentic sound to Brockville. The concert will be brought together by a storyline that incorporates all of the hits.

Woodstock Revival: The 50th Anniversary Concert

It has been 50 years since the legendary Woodstock concert, and it’s time to relive the classics! Hits by performers such as Santana, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix will be covered by the 9-person live band. Let your hair down on August 8 and let the vibes of peace take you back.

A Musical Tribute to the Highwaymen

On August 14-15, get to experience the music from one of the greatest country music groups in history – The Highwaymen. Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash will be emulated by Bob Gill, Jim Yorfida & Guy Mellanson as they perform hit after hit.

The Elvis Concert

The King has returned! Come see Pete Paquette show the musical career of Elvis Presley through the 1950s right to his Vegas years. Running from August 28-29, this will be an unforgettable live concert!

Brockville Arts Centre also run movies that you may have missed previously in the major theatre chains, or didn’t come to our local theatre. Examples of movies coming this July include:

  • The Dead Don’t Die (July 10-11)
  • Avengers: Endgame (July 13)
  • The Hummingbird Project (July 21)
  • Ma (July 24-25)
  • The Hustle (July 27)
  • The White Crow (July 28)
  • The Tomorrow Man (July 29-30)

Tickets can be bought through the website BAC Tickets or at the front of house. While you’re on the Brockville Arts Centre website or in the theatre, make sure you pick up your tickets to the Tall Ships Festival, happening in Brockville from August 30 – September 1!

1000 Islands Playhouse

Based in Gananoque, the 1000 Islands Playhouse is a picturesque theatre right on the water facing out into the 1000 Islands. Made up of two theatres – The Springer Theatre and the Firehall Theatre – Gananoque is able to run eight shows throughout their season, covering a wide range of interests:

Boom X:

This show ran from May 28-June 15, and was all about the iconic moments that shaped Generation X. Disco, the oil crisis, Watergate, the Cold War, punk rock and video games – everything that influenced Generation X is covered by over 100 characters.

See Anne of Green Gables in Gananoque this summer

Anne of Green Gables:

Running from June 21-July 20, “Anne of Green Gables” tells the classic story of a young, red-haired orphan sent to live in Prince Edward Island by mistake. This musical is one of the biggest shows that the 1000 Island Playhouse has covered in at least a decade, and is well worth a watch.

Made in Italy:

The first show of the Firehall Theatre season is set during 1970s Alberta, where a teenager discovers Italian cultural icons Rocky Balboa and John Travolta and decides he going to reinvent himself as a crooner. This lively show about family is best paired with a red wine.


Taking the stage July 24-August 17, this show tells the story of four women out to change the idea that hockey is just a sport for men. Set in 1933, this true story of the Preston Rivulettes is all about overcoming the odds and forging your own path.

A doctor looks at scans in a window in The Boy in the Moon.

The Boy in the Moon:

Running from August 7-September 1, this play is based on the memoir by the same name by Globe and Mail journalist Ian Brown. This show is all about the journey of raising a child with disabilities caused by a rare genetic disorder. This striking, funny and moving story is one for anyone who has ever been a parent or caregiver.

Ring of Fire:

The Music of Johnny Cash: August 23-September 15, come experience the music of Johnny Cash and experience a musical about love, success, faith and redemption. This musical uses more than two dozen classic hits from The Man In Black, including “I Walk the Line”.

Asking For It:

This docu-play looks at sex, gender, and consent in the wake of the Ghomeshi scandal. Originally debuting in 2017, this hard hitting show took Toronto by storm and runs from September 13-29.

The New Canadian Curling Club:

The last show to run at the Springer Theatre this season is “The New Canadian Curling Club” from September 27-October 20. This show answers the question of what would happen if you organized a local Learn-to-Curl class for your new neighbours – who just happen to be refugees resettled in Canada. A truly Canadian comedy that hurries hard.

Tickets for all these shows can be bought through the 1000 Islands Playhouse website.

St Lawrence Shakespeare

Like theatre a bit more classical? Prescott has you covered with the 17th annual St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival! Prescott fills a gap in the summer theatre circuit by having all their shows outdoors at the Prescott Kinsmen Amphitheatre. Watch classics as the sun sets behind you, enjoying the warm summer evenings.

There are two shows running this year:

The Winter’s Tale

A Shakespeare play that will give you a little bit of everything: drama, comedy, music and romance. It is a story of power, redemption, love, jealousy and forgiveness. And of course, the most famous stage direction involving a bear. This show is well worth a watch, and will be filled with passion.


This play tells the tragic romantic story of Cyrano de Bergerac, a man cursed with the deformity of a huge nose. He is in love with Roxane, but believes no woman could ever love him and his nose. Then there is Christian, who also loves Roxane. He is handsome, but couldn’t write to save his life, and asks the gifted Cyrano to ghostwrite his love letters. The story is filled with romance, heroism, and beauty. 

Tickets can be bought through the St Lawrence Shakespeare’s website. Don’t wait to buy these tickets, as they’re going to go fast!

Upper Canada Playhouse

The furthest east on the St Lawrence is the Upper Canada Playhouse, found in Morrisburg Ontario. This theatre has been around for over three decades. You will find it located in the former Toothbrush and Argyle Sock Factory, which has been converted to a charming, intimate theatre that is climate controlled and accessible. This unique theatre is an attraction in itself, adorned with a historic mural much like the others found around the rest of Morrisburg.

The Upper Canada Playhouse runs year round, and have four shows running through the summer season. 

Where You Are

ran from June 6-30 and tells the story of Glenda and Suzanne who spend their retirement selling jam on Manitoulin Island. The play follows as they prepare for the visit of Suzanne’s daughter, Beth,  and a complicated secret that can no longer be contained comes up. But it turns out the sisters are not the only ones with a secret!

Chaos ensues during the show Don't Dress for Dinner

Don’t Dress For Dinner

is a classic comedy that runs from July 4-28. Bernard plans a weekend with his mistress while his wife is away – what could go wrong? Of course, everything.


runs from August 1-25 and is by the great Canadian playwright Norm Foster. This comedy is all about Iris, who inherits a house from her husband after he passes away. Along with her friend Natalie, they head to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to learn more about the property she never knew about, and his relationship to this small costal town. 

Same Time, Next Year

is one of the most popular romantic comedies of the century, running on Broadway for four years. Now running from September 5-29 in Morrisburg, the show follows a love affair between two people (who happen to be married to other people) who rendezvous once a year at the same time, the same place over a period of twenty-five years. It’s touching, nostalgic and hilarious.

Tickets information and sales can be found through the Upper Canada Playhouse website.

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