Flying High at Skywood Eco Adventure

Just to the west of Brockville, at the beginning of the 1000 Islands Parkway is Skywood Eco Adventure. It’s hard to tell from the parkway, but Skywood is the largest aerial adventure and zip line park in Canada! Yesterday, the team at Brockville Tourism went to visit the park to see what it’s all about.

Student Ambassadors prepare to go zip lining at Skywood Eco Adventure

Safety is the number one concern at Skywood, so there was trained staff on hand for every moment of our trip through the tree tops, from putting on the gear to flying through the trees. Once our two student ambassadors were strapped into their gear, we headed out into the forest to get started.

Before anyone could go into any trees, there was the necessary training on how to make sure you’re securely attached to the wires and trees at every possible moment. Our two guides walked us through a training course where we could learn how to attach the cables on each section of the course, and let our students give it a try as well.

Once our guides were sure we could get through the course, it was time to begin! There are many options available to guests, depending on their age and ability:

The Adventure Courses

The three hour adventure course will challenge all of your abilities! The guided tour of five different courses explore the forest canopy. You hike through a series of unique games, including bridges, swings, nets and zip lines. As you continue to climb, the courses increase in difficulty. There are:

  • Two beginner courses
    • The minimum age for this course is 9, and the minimum height is 55″
  • Two intermediate courses
    • The minimum age for this course is 9, and the minimum height is 55″
  • One advanced course
    • The minimum age for this course is 12 and the minimum height is 60″

The Zip Line Tour

The two hours course is a guided interpretive journey with eight different zip lines going throughout the trees, along a ridgeline and next to a wetland. After climbing a ladder and crossing a few suspended bridges, you will take off through a series of zip lines in the forest canopy until you reach the lookout platform high on a ridge. Then you get to fly across the ridigeline and down along the border of the wetlands as you return back.

You must be at least 12 years old and over 60″ tall to take part in the zip line tour.

Children Discovery Courses

There are three child-friendly courses designed for kids ages 5 to 12. They’re closer to the ground and have smaller obstacles, so the whole family can enjoy! These courses are self led, with easy games that are only a few feet above the forest floor, while still attached to a continuous safety line.

Accessible Zip Line

This unique and accessible zip line is ten feet above the ground, and has specialized safety equipment that is compatible with adaptive and assistive technologies. It’s a unique and independent experience suitable for people with reduced mobility. The minimum age is 9 years old, and you must be over 55″ tall.

For all the above courses, the maximum weight at Skywoood is 113 kg / 250 pounds.

Treewalk Village

This playground is definitely one of the most unique playgrounds your kids will experience! There are seven treehouses connected by log bridges and ramps, slides and zip lines in a safe environment. Children 3 and older can explore safely on their own (with a parent or guardian supervising from the ground) or do the course with their guardian. Everything is fully enclosed with safety hammock nets, so there is no need for special safety equipment.

The student ambassadors ended up going on the zip line course, which involves going up a very tall ladder, then climbing sky bridges into the canopy until you’re high enough to get some momentum. Even if you’re scared, the guides are well prepared to help you through the course and to help build your confidence.

Our student ambassadors quickly found themselves going from nervous to relaxed about as quickly as it takes to get from one end of the zip line to the other.

As mentioned above, the zip line course includes eight different lines, going throughout the trees and then over a cliff. Flying 70 feet above the Jones Creek Marsh, participants really get to appreciate the beautiful nature around this area, while not interrupting the animals and plants on the ground.

Overall, the experience at Skywood Eco Adventure is one that we’re not soon to forget, and highly recommend! Whether you’re a local or visiting the Brockville area, Skywood will give you a new perspective to what is around us in nature all while having an exciting afternoon!

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