The Brockville Dive Token Program

Brockville is well known as one of the best fresh water diving locations in the world. This is thanks to the water clarity, the lack of thermocline in the St.Lawrence River, and the multiple shipwrecks scattered throughout our area. In 2016, Brockville was recognized by Scuba Diver Life as one of the top 5 locations in Canada. The article cites more than a dozen wrecks that are available to explore. On top of that, Brockville has been working to develop Centeen Park to make sure that it is diver-friendly. This is why the City of Brockville has worked together with the Thousand Islands chapter of Save Ontario Shipwrecks (SOS) to create the Brockville Dive Token program.

Brockville Dive Token

What is a Dive Token?

The Brockville Dive Tokens are created with the intention of supporting facility improvements specifically for divers. Since there is no admission fee or way of collecting information about those diving in our area, the City of Brockville, along with SOS, wanted to ensure that improvements can continue in Centeen Park and the Centeen Memorial Dive Park. The dive tokens are $10 annually (cash only) and all the money goes towards the diving programs in the Brockville area. 70% of the proceeds from the sale of the tokens goes directly towards the City of Brockville’s funds to maintain and upgrade Centeen Park. The remaining 30% goes towards SOS to maintain and expand the Centeen Memorial Dive Park.

Buying a dive token is the most direct way you can support diving in Brockville and the 1000 Islands. Many of the facilities at Centeen Park have been developed with divers in mind, and so to continue to maintain and upgrade those facilities, such as extending bathroom access, improving parking, and continuing to add new features to the dive park. As well, it makes an excellent souvenir to mark your experiences as a diver in Brockville.

A sculpture is lowered by a crane into the Centeen Memorial Dive Park by Save Ontario Shipwrecks.
New Installations have been added to Centeen Memorial Dive Park as recently as June 2019

On top of knowing that you’re contributing to the scuba diving community in the Brockville area, Brockville Dive Token holders receive 20% off on regularly priced items in the Brockville Tourism gift shop! Dive Tokens can be bought through the Brockville Tourism office, so what are you waiting for? Support local diving and buy your dive token today!

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