Visit the Aquatarium on your next trip to Brockville

The Aquatarium is more than just an aquarium. This leaning centre offers a full range of interactive exhibits and activities for the entire family.

The Otter Experience

Our furry little friends invite you to take a step out of the ordinary and explore the 1000 Islands from their point of view. These friendly water pups will keep you captivated as they swim and play throughout the massive glass-enclosed river habitat.

The Aquaria

The Aquaria is a gateway to the underwater word with hands-on learning and exploration. The fish tanks at the Aquatarium showcase three distinct aquarium habitats in the St. Lawrence River: lake, river and shore, each with its own unique ecosystem.

The Ropes Course

Climb across the rigging of our two ships, the SS Kingston and the HMS Ontario, before walking to the edge of the deck. Take the 40-foot plunge down to the ground floor, or take a comfortable slide off the SS Kingston. There’s even a mini ropes course and scramble net for the littlest explorers.

Learn and Discover

Get a close look at the invertebrates that live in the waters of the 1000 Islands, or put your learning into action at the water table, where you’ll do real experiments that illustrate the power of the St. Lawrence River.

The above is an excerpt from the 2016 Brockville & 1000 Islands Visitor Guide. Stop by our office to pick up a copy today.

Check out our previous post on the Aquatarium to find out more about what you will discover inside, or visit the Aquatarium’s website.


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