Aquatarium Opening March 1st

The much anticipated new Brockville attraction, the Aquatarium, announced today that they will be opening on March 1st, 2016. Hot on the heels of a video released yesterday showing the “stars” of the Aquatarium, the river otters, making themselves at home in their new habitat, this announcement shows that all of the final pieces have come together to launch this amazing new attraction.

The Aquatarium is Brockville’s newest waterfront attraction that looks out over the Brockville Harbour and into the St. Lawrence River in the 1000 Islands. With a variety of interactive experiences and adventures that inspire critical thinking through storytelling and play, you will discover the diverse wildlife of the islands, explore the area’s unique history and culture, learn about the economics of the St. Lawrence River, and get your body moving in their recreational experiences.

From their press release earlier today:

We are extremely excited to announce that Eastern Ontario’s newest year-round attraction will be open to the public on Tuesday March 1st, 2016 at 10:00 am. All the details can be found on our website at

“I am so pleased that we are able to make this announcement today.” said Bill Rogerson, Executive Director of the Aquatarium. “It has been a log time coming and I am excited for visitors to be able to share in all the interactive experiences, hear amazing stories about the 1000 Islands region, and see all the things there are to do in this very special place. We couldn’t have reached this point without the great support of all our partners in the region, our dedicated volunteers and devoted staff.”

A Grand Opening ceremony is being planned for early May to align with the busy tourism season. 

We were lucky enough to get invited to take part in a photo shoot before the doors officially opened and got to capture the reactions of a group of kids exploring this new attraction for the first time. Below is a sneak peak of some of what you will find behind the Aquatarium’s doors. (click on a photo to enlarge it)

Level 1:

Granite Sphere – Explore great shipping ports all over the globe as you trace paths of international commerce forged with the help of the mighty St. Lawrence River.
Kelpie – Explore the Kelpie, a sailboat with an original 1000 Islands-made engine!
Sir Robert Peel – Explore the remains of the St. Lawrence River shipwreck the Sir Robert Peel, a steamboat that was seized and burned by real-life pirate Bill Johnston.
Rotary Bathysphere – Rise up from the depths as you enter the Aquatarium

Level 2:

Dive Tank – Visit our underwater shipwreck!
Water Lab – Bring your class or club to lean about aquatic science.
Activity Room – Book our room for your meeting, birthday party or special event.

Level 3:

Aquaria – Dive into the aquatic world of the St. Lawrence River from a “fish eye view”.
Biosphere Hall – Explore this region and the globe.
Creation – Discover a world from more than 10,000 years ago, right in our own backyard!
Green Screen – Cherish the magic moments you create with the cutting edge technology of our Aquatarium Green Screen experience.
HMS Ontario – Travel back in time to a forgotten era of battles, forts and shipwrecks.
Otter Habitat – Learn about our river otters, a vital animal in the St. Lawrence River ecosystem.
Ropes Course – Experience climbing through the rigging of a tall ships on our one-of-a-king ropes course.
SS Kingston – Discover the steam ship SS Kingston, once a popular ferry for travel down teh St. Lawrence River.
Discovery Hall – Immerse yourselves in the shipping history of the St. Lawrence River, from the age of sail to the age of steam, while you watch intrepid explorers climbing the ropes course above your heads.
Power of Water – Lean how the waters of the St. Lawrence River have shaped the world around us.
The Lighthouse Theatre – Explore a stunning range of possibilities in and around the St. Lawrence River with video footage that whisks you away with the wonder of nature.
Boat House and Skiff House – Experience first-hand the adventure, challenges and thrill of life on the St. Lawrence River.
Magedoma – Gently glide back in time in the famous yacht Magedoma as you embark on a recreated tour through the 1000 Islands.
Singer Castle Library – Step into a world of mystery at the Castle Library, where the walls have eyes, and secret passageways are waiting to be discovered. A room of stories, secrets and activities for kids.
Frontenac Post Office – Step inside our island post office and learn about this region’s history and culture.
Herpetology – Lean about invasive species, the Americl Eel, and reptiles and amphibians in the 1000 islands region.

Level 4:

Wind Wall – Sail your own miniature sailboat the the Aquatarium Wind Wall.
Pilot House – Enjoy the spectacular view, practice your navigational skills at our boat simulator or learn about the solar system in or planetarium presentations.


The Aquatarium will be open year round, 7 days a week from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Adult $19.99
Senior (65+) $14.99
Youth (13-17) $14.99
Child (4-12) $9.99
Child (3 and under) free

For more information, click here to visit the Aquatarium’s website

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