Brockville Tourism Development Fund

Brockville Tourism Development Fund

The Brockville Tourism Development Fund (BTDF) is a newly established fund that supports efforts to grow tourism activity in the City of Brockville.

This fund has two streams:

  • The Festivals and Special Events Stream provides support to festivals (new or existing), conferenced, major sporting events, and other events that demonstrate the capacity to attract a significant number of visitors to Brockville.
  • The Attractions and Tourism Product Development Stream provides support for enhancements to or the creation of new infrastructure, business, product offering or facility that will result in a measurable improvement to the tourism offering in Brockville.


Applications will be assessed to determine their suitability in achieving the following expected results, where applicable.

  • An increase in tourist attendance, overnight stays and visitor spending in Brockville
  • Marketing plan must target non-residents
  • Positive regional, provincial, national or international exposure
  • Enhancement of Brockville’s tourism offering
  • Support or creation of direct and/or indirect jobs
  • Support of Brockville Tourism 2020 objectives
  • Eligible organizations are private for-profit, private non-profit, BIA’s or public organizations

Key Tourism Objectives 2020

  • A focus on shoulder or winter season activities
  • A focus on multi-language capabilities
  • Strategy to encourage multi-night stays
  • A focus on environment & environmentally friendly/sustainable practices
  • A focus on partnerships/collaboration and/or travel packages with other entities in Brockville

Funding Amounts

The Brockville Tourism Development Fund grant amount is $25,000 in 2020.  Applicants can apply for funding from $1500 to $5000.   The BTDF is a discretionary program with a limited funding allocation. In some cases, a project that meets all program criteria may not be approved for funding as other projects may more effectively meet the criteria. Evaluation guidelines have been created for use by the Advisory Committee. Applicants are welcome to view the guideline documents, to understand how the different criteria will be evaluated. Applicants are encouraged to use the guidelines to ensure their application provides all the required information.

Application Forms

Please download the application form and save it to your computer before filling it out. Once completed you can save the completed application and submit by email or in hard copy.

BTDF Overview 2020.pdf
BTDF 2020 Evaluation Guidelines – Product Development.pdf
BTDF 2020 Evaluation Guidelines – Event and Festival Application.pdf
BTDF 2020 Application – Product Development Stream.pdf
BTDF 2020 Application – Festivals and Events Stream.pdf

Application Process

There will be one intake of applications for 2020.  The deadline to submit is March 31st, 2020, at 11:59pm.  Applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Tourism Advisory Committee.  The Committee will meet by mid-April to provide a final review of applications. If successful, the application will be approved and funds dispersed within a two to four-week time period.

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