Ever Dreamed of Being a Mermaid? In Brockville You CAN!

mermaid experienceRecently, I got the opportunity to take part in one of Dive Brockville’s Mermaid classes. With mermaids becoming quite popular lately, I was relatively familiar with the concept. However, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I arrived at the pool. Luckily, I quickly learned that pretending to be a mermaid and wearing a tail was a blast! The class started with some basic swimming tests, making sure we could swim a length of the pool, tread water, and float. Afterwards, we began to suit up. Our instructor, Helen, then led us through a couple of drills involving how to take off and put on our monofin and tail safely and quickly if the need arose. The rest of the class consisted of swimming with the fin on, playing games such as retrieving items from the bottom of the pool and swimming through a hoop, and a photo shoot at the end.

Although I had a great time throughout the class, my favourite element was definitely the atmosphere. Everyone was incredibly enthusiastic and the happiness was contagious! In fact, it was such a fun experience that I barely noticed that being a mermaid is a bit of a workout.  Between trying to emulate a mermaid’s movements and desperately trying not to touch the bottom of the pool to keep the tail from ripping, this was easily the most fun exercise I’ve done in a while!

Since the fin and tail are provided, the only thing you need to remember to bring is your swimming gear…especially your goggles. Luckily, our instructors were prepared and had brought us extra ones to use. However, it is always a good idea to bring your own if you have them, as you definitely don’t want to be trying to swim through a hoop without the tool needed to help you see it!

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend time with your family or friends, love being in the water, or think Ariel is the best Disney Princess, you’ve definitely got to check out Dive Brockville’s Mermaid classes!  Additionally, with the class maximum currently being only six people, you will have the opportunity to swim to your heart’s content during the hour-long class. The experience is suitable for anyone aged seven or up and who can perform basic swimming manoeuvres. I can’t wait to get back into that tail!

Click here for more info, and email info@AbucsScubaDiving.com to book your experience!

Written by Tourism Ambassador, Laura.

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