George Fischer "The Thousand Islands" Book Signing

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, his photography will. George Fischer has been photographing the Thousand Islands for over two decades. His photos capture the essence and beauty of the Brockville and Thousand Islands region.

George Fischer has put together a new book about this region, aptly titled “The Thousand Islands – Seasons of the St. Lawrence“. This book brings a new take on life upon the mighty St. Lawrence River, looking more at the life of the people living in this beautiful area. Showing a unique look at island life, George Fischer’s photos show the seasons and our history with a vivid display of colour. With every season, every bend in the river, and every morning sky, George Fischer opens the door to the exciting, relaxing – and sometimes challenging – life along the St Lawrence River.

George Fischer - The Thousand Islands
George Fischer - The Thousand Islands

This book is a must buy for anyone living in the Thousand Islands region, on either side of the border.

The book is available to purchase at the Brockville Tourism office. Also, if you attend the Thursday, June 20th, 2019 Refugee Island Breakfast though, you can have your copy signed by the author himself!

That’s right, George Fischer will be attending the Refugee Island Breakfast on Thursday, June 20th 2019 from 8 to 10am. He will be signing copies of his book that have been pre-ordered or bought from the Brockville Tourism office. Make sure you come in soon – numbers are limited and they are flying off the shelves. To get your book signed, make sure you come into the Brockville Tourism Office (10 Market Street West, Brockville Ontario) and purchase your tickets to Island Breakfast as soon as possible!

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